What We Do
Field Recording
Sound Design
We have long experience in achieving and performing complex recordings, such as: vehicles, guns, ambiences and other sound effects for many film, tv series, tv movies and games titles. Our personal experience built over 30 years helps us find anything you might need for your project.
All the sound effects are created specifically for each project, including the sounds selected from our general libraries are subjected to changes. Therefore  we ensure the sounds suit perfectly to the picture.

New technologies allow us to make elaborated effects. We record the sounds in a digital format, enabling us the possibility to work with them, changing the pitch, volume, stretching and adding reverberation in a fastest and dynamic way.

This accuracy of details during the edit process, ensures an easier final mix process, achieving the best result for the movie.
To achieve a dynamic and accurate performance, the foley is created for each project, whose registration live-recorded directly into Pro Tools.
All footsteps and movements of each person are synchronised with extreme precision.